About SPL Realco

SPL Realco is a real estate brokerage company operating in Kolkata which has always believed in “Customer First”. We at SPL Realco are self-motivated, dynamic and customer oriented professionals, becoming stronger day by day with the support of our esteemed customers and developers. With a team of experienced and diligent team, we reach our clients to fulfil their dream of owning a perfect property. Be it residential or commercial, our team guides and suggests the best property suiting our clients. SPL Realco may be young at age, however we posses a very strong local market knowledge and have fantastic rapport with the major developers of the town. Our foundation is rock solid and you can rest assured to get the best property after getting in touch with us. The company is led by a very young multi-talented Ravi Shankar Sanwaria, who started real estate brokerage at a very young age. He is focused and has tremendous leadership skills to motivate and lead the team. His strategies, thought process and marketing skills are the key to the success of the company. The company aims to create value for its clients by integrating accurate and comprehensive information with key services to make buying property in Kolkata simple and hassle free.

Future Outlook

The company firmly believes that there is no limitations to achieve whatever we desire, as long as this is done with a professional approach, long term fair practices, personalized solutions and intensive market research. The company aims to adhere an open futuristic outlook, give way to freedom of thought, generate new ideas and be open to experiment.

Our Mission & Vision

With a complete focus on future, a proactive outlook, creative research, the company aims to create a competitive advantage for its customers and make a mark in the industry by following the "mission statement" underlined as below -

  We seek to assume leadership in all our target markets.

  We aim to be the most preferred employer wherever we operate.

  We recognize that our organization is built around people who are our most valuable asset.

  We will always be the partner of choice for customers, suppliers and other creators of innovative concepts.

The vision to grow, the commitment to perform and the excellence to deliver is the driving force behind the total working and performance of SPL.

With a penchant for excellence in the real estate sector in Kolkata the company visualizes to create an organizational structure and management systems that are necessary to assure that its services exceed customer expectations. Continued customer satisfaction translates into progress for the company, this has been the mantra when the company formulates its vision for the future projects.